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Why you need to explore the Chinese tire industry first-hand.

Why you need to explore the Chinese tire industry first-hand. To be the best tire dealer or distributor and stand out from the rest, you need to tell a better story to your customers based on how far you will go to get the education and to be the very best at what you do by understanding customers’ needs to make the best recommendation. One way to do that is to explore the biggest tire market in the world – China, and there are a lot of reasons to do that:


1. Trade barriers come and go: In March of this year, the US Department of Commerce reduced most of tariffs on Chinese tires. Now the EU is implementing anti-dumping duties on Chinese tires, but with the current negotiations, it may change anytime, and you need to be ready.

2. Without the tariffs, Chinese tires are extremely competitive in the market place. As the best dealer, you need to have deep understand of pros and cons of different sources and identify the most competitive ones to gain competitive advantages.

3. Also you need to have a global mindset in terms of sourcing, because consumers want “something different” and demand “what is my least expensive option.” Exploring beyond well-known brands is no longer a choice but a requirement.

4. Price transparency, because of proliferation of e-commerce, significantly drives down margins on top brands. It is valuable to seek some not-yet well-known brands which usually provide a more reasonable margin.

5. Some Chinese tire manufacturers are big and ambitious enough to compete in the global market place. They are building factories and distributions, which employ thousands of people and produce millions of tires, in major markets.

6. Also, not only the quality of those emerging brands is good enough to compete with major brands, but they also drive the latest technologies. For example, a few Chinese manufacturers has successfully produced 3D printed polyurethane tires and are already invested heavily in new materials, such as Graphene.

7. Finally, China is becoming the biggest tire market in the world and it is the major trading partner to pretty much every country in the world. Coming to China will allow you see the opportunities for innovation and to form a unique perspective for your business through what you learn, experience and the networks developed.

CITEXPO is the one of the first tire and wheel trade shows in China and now is the biggest in the Asia-Pacific region. In the past 15 editions of the show, it accumulated over 100,000 professional buyers and visitors from 112 countries. You can learn first-hand what’s happening in China and understand global trends in person by attending such a premium industry event.


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